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Oksana Andreeva
Author of the "Myoplastic Face
Correction" technique



If you join today, you'll receive a bonus:3 sets of Gua Sha exercises for● a defined lower jawline● for smoothing the forehead● for hollow eye area



Improved posture

Swelling-free face

Increased self-esteem

Firm skin

Who is this course for?


If you already have facial expression lines or deep wrinkles

If your face often swells, and bags appear under your eyes

If you have facial asymmetry

If you're concerned about dull facial color and skincare products don't improve the situation

If you don't want to resort to injection and other radical rejuvenation methods

If you've had injections, are unsatisfied with the results, and want to correct them

Before/After Results

My name is Oksana Andreeva. Four years ago, I discovered deep tissue massage techniques and a comprehensive approach through working on posture and the neck. They helped me correct the consequences of unsuccessful injections, eliminate a double chin, and smooth out wrinkles.

I've walked the path you're currently on, and I'm confident that comprehensive body and facial work will help you look at least 5 years younger. Throughout the 21-day course, I ll help you adopt daily care habits that will keep you looking younger than your passport age for many years to come.



About the Author 

● Over 1300 people have joined me on the side of natural rejuvenation
● Founder of the "Natura Este" aesthetic cosmetology center in Kyiv
● Practicing beauty therapist with 12 years of experience
● Author of the "Myoplastic Neck and Face Correction" technique
● Certified master of aesthetic face taping
● Even the famous actress Ornella Muti practices with me


Oksana Andreeva



Working as an esthetition for over 12 years, I realized that local work with a face does not give long-term results. The body is a whole system that must be influenced in a complex manner. I have created a program aimed for getting a balance and relieving tension throughout the body.

What steps will you take in 21 days?

Day 1

. Lymphatic system activation complex.

Day 2

Lymphatic system activation complex. Exercise for proper posture.

Day 3

Lymphatic system activation complex. Exercise for proper posture. Neck muscle restoration exercises.

Day 4

Lymphatic system activation complex. Exercise for proper posture. Neck muscle restoration exercises. Ear massage. Lecture "The Importance of the Neck for Facial Beauty."

How your face will change with daily sessions of 10-20 minutes per day

    In a month

● Asymmetry will begin to even out●  Skin condition and color will improve●  Swelling will decrease

    In 2 months

● Facial oval will improve● Double chin will decrease● Facial features will become more harmonious

    In six months

● Mimic habits will change.● Jawline and chin will becomemore defined● Eyes will become more expressive

    In a year

● Aging changes will slow down.● Drooping eyelids will decrease. ● Face will become more symmetrical. ● You will look significantly younger than your age.

Comparison of the effect of injections and massage techniques

Yes, beauty injections and plastic surgeries help achieve results quickly. But they do not stop the aging process, so over time, they require new and more radical changes. Engaging in such rejuvenation, you may not recognize yourself over time.

Therefore, natural anti-aging methods have more advantages. COMPARE


Natural methods

Beauty injections

● More noticeable with each session.● Only positive impact on the body and face.● No contraindications.● Develops discipline and habit of taking care of oneself.● Free, requires time.● No risks, only benefits.

● The effect quickly disappears without constant updating.● Can cause allergic reactions.● Serious contraindications, cannot be done in certain conditions.● Creates an artificial look, gives a mask effect.● Expensive and requires increasing investment over time.● If the procedure is performed poorly, it can lead to irreversible facial changes.

I am so confident in the effectiveness of my express marathon that I am ready to make an offer you can't refuse. Join my express marathon. Immerse yourself in each practice and exercise. And if after 12 days you don't feel any changes in your body, I will refund your money.

So, feel free to join my express marathon because you have nothing to lose, only to gain!


Questions and Answers

After purchasing, you will receive access to your personal account on the learning platform, where all course materials will be available.

For the basic plan, you only need your own hands. In the absence of Gua Sha, you can substitute it with a spoon. For the "With Taping" plan, you will need tapes, which can be purchased online or at a pharmacy.

Yes, this course has no agrictions. My youngest student was 20 years old, and the oldest was 84. Visible results can be achieved at any age.

Paying for the course is simple and secure. We accept online payments through the\WayForPay payment systems. After registration, you will receive payment details and access to the course. If you encounter any payment issues, please contact me, and I will help resolve the problem.

Each course session takes up to 10 minutes per day. You don't need to spend hours on exercises, as I have developed efficient and economical techniques that can be done in a short time.

• Reduction of swelling and smoothing of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.
• Firm facial oval without a double chin and sagging jowls
• Nourished and elastic skin.
• Alignment of the chest and shoulders, a "swan" neck, and improved posture.
• Increased self-esteem and new healthy habits for self-care.

• The course offers natural methods, excluding injections and other radical approaches.
• Oksana Andreeva personally went through the same journey and incorporated all her knowledge into this marathon.
• The course allows you to practice at a convenient location and time through a computer or phone.
• Textual supplementary lectures on the processes that trigger age-related changes in the face

• The course author has successful experience with more than 1300 clients.
• Proof of results includes before/after photos of the author and testimonials from satisfied course participants.
• The first positive results are within 12 days or a money-back guarantee.

• The course offers a comprehensive approach, covering both facial and body zones.
• It includes 15 video lessons and additional Gua Sha exercise complexes.
• Access to all materials for 2 months allows for in-depth study and implementation of acquired knowledge.

The course is designed with consideration for natural methods and exercises, with no contraindications for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is recommended to consult with a doctor before starting, especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women, to ensure that the program is suitable for their specific situation.

participation fees

Here is a list of our plans suitable

Express marathon

● Training platform with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.● 21 days of online training● No more than 10 minutes per day● Turn on the video and follow me.● Access is available 60 days after purchase

9$ 50$

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