Online training«Stop time with face taping»

NO complications, NO side effects,
WITHOUT recovery period


During this course you will learn:


Indications and contraindications for each application and taping


How to combine taping with massage


How to choose tapes for the face


Right tape tension for working with lymphatic drainage, lifting and muscles


How long do you need to wear tapes on your face


How to select applications correctly

Why taping is so popular?

This method shows WOW results in a short time.
It is available to everyoneBUT! These points are feasible only in one case — if you learn the RIGHT technique taping and learn how to select applications.

Taping will effectively help you:

  • Get rid of crow’s feet in the eye area

  • Remove forehead wrinkles and eyebrow tension

  • Model the face oval

  • Correct the double chin

  • Reduce swelling in the face and neck

  • Reduce nasolabial folds


About course authorOksana Andreeva

● certified cosmetologist● practicing specialist in aesthetic cosmetology center «Natura Este»● over 10 years of work experience● author of natural rejuvenation method «Mioplasticmethod»● I know the face inside, outside and by touch● I see not only signs of age changes, but also what caused them




Thank you so much for the course. I’m very happy with the result. Smile lines disappeared and this is the most exciting thing. Lips are bigger now, face contour lifted. And I have less puffiness in the mornings.


Elizabeth Glinskaya

Good day Oksana! I was excited about the exercises; I even thought it would be great to do massage to others, starting from my mom. Unfortunately, I exercised not regularly… Not as I wanted. My kid was against mom’s trainings.



Oksana good evening. So, I decided to message you. It’s been 10 days since I started the training. Face color is better now, really getting harmonized. The arterial spiders are less noticeable. Second chin and «withers» - I called it so — you know, they are getting more flexible and like softened. I understand of course that miracles don’t happen quickly at 45, but I’m trying. And also smile lines softened a bit.



Good day! Oksana, I’m so grateful for such amazing course. It was great to participate in it and be your student. I’m glad that I chose specifically you and that I didn’t make a mistake. I liked all exercises; I had a chance to love them. Now, I’ll constantly perform them and I’m sure the result will be outstanding. After three weeks' course I noticed progress and now I know the secrets how to reduce puffiness and lift the brows. If you have advanced course, I will definitely be there… Also, after pandemic I really want to meet you in person and be your client. Wish you health, luck and stay beautiful and positive as you are!!!



Good day Oksana!!! Thank you so much for this course, it was amazing!!! Thanks to it I changed my day schedule and now I get up earlier to take care only of myself) I did all your trainings; everything was clear and not difficult. I definitely see the progress and in general I feel better. Enormous thank you! P. S. I wish to be your client, but unfortunately, it’s not possible because of the distance.



Good evening Oksana! I want to tell you a bit thank you for your course. Looks like simple exercises but they are so effective. My frown line smoothened. I really liked exercise for lifting the upper eyelid. My eyes opened instantly. Judging by painful feelings all over the face, my work is just started. But now I know what and how to do. Thank you so much for this knowledge!

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