Individual online class

Individual sessions help you achieve your goal through a system of work
It is a completely individual approach. My task is to create a program for you (just for your age changes), which will bring results

How does it work?

1. Our work with you begins with a complete diagnostic of the face and neck, during which I identify all the age-related changes and find the causes of their appearance:

2. Then I make a step by step plan of work and prescribe all the stages of our sessions

1:1 sessions are a fully personalized program that I identify to your age-related changes. We work out with you 1:1, I control all the techniques, explain in detail all the nuances. After the session you will have no questions about how to do the exercises correctly and why you need these exercises.

Individual sessions with me - a concentrated system of work, which later you can easily integrate into your daily life

After the sessions you will have:

- All video recordings of our meetings- Complete neck and facial diagnostic- A step by step plan and periodization of exercises in the future- Access to a Telegram group with daily exercises for posture and neck

In my work with clients, I promise:

- To use only those exercises that affect the causes of wrinkles/sagging/puffiness - Build a comprehensive approach (in addition to your face you will work on your posture and neck)- Don't pump your already-strained muscles- Choose an individual program based on your diagnostic

After all, it does not matter how many exercises you know, it is important to know how to use them correctly
I specialize in deep tissue facial lifting and sculpting techniques 💆 and can identify them for different facial deformities.
I have a wide arsenal of facial techniques:

    osteopathic techniques
    manual facelift techniques
    modeling buccal (interoral) massage
    facial vacuum cupping massage
    post-isometric relaxation
    deep tissue Guasha massage
    effective aesthetic facial taping

All techniques have their own system, periodization and nuances. Every face is individual. I will be happy to identify a program for you in individual classes

    Full facial and neck diagnostic 50$

    1 hour individual session 90$

Usually to work through all areas of the face and neck need from 3 to 6 hours of sessions, the exact number of sessions I determine after diagnostic.






I really loved our session today, the deep massages of the fascia and the release of tension that helps a lot with feeling good and uplifted both physically and mentally:)



Hi Oksana. After our first session I do feel a bit sore but I understand how important work we have done!
I love how well you explain the tissue anatomy and what is happening during the treatment.
You are an amazing teacher and I can’t wait to have next class! 🥰💫



Dear Oksana! I wanted to thank you so much for the yesterday’s session. My eyebrows are lifted, the eyes are opened up and the skin looks toned and brighter. You give convincing explainations and I feel safe ‘in your hands’, I really trust you. And I am so grateful that you give that great attention on how I execute your instructions. I am very much looking forward next session. Good night and sleep tight ❤️❤️



Oksana, thank you so much for our session yesterday! Today I woke up and my eyes/eyelids were no longer puffy! In fact I hadn’t realized they were puffy until today. Looking forward to keep on doing the work �



After our session yesterday and one hour of having tapes, my husband came home and told me: What did you do? You are glowing! Your face went up! 🥰��🥰



Wow, Oksana, it was amazing yesterday. Despite the pain, there was a change on my under eye bags and the jawline even from the first time! Thank you so much! I can't wait for you sending me the recording so that I keep on working on the good results!



Hi! I cannot believe the glow and overall improvement in my face and neck area. It’s amazing!!!Thank you so much!The technique you taught me has been so impactful - I cannot get over the different in my face. I am blown away!You are so talented and gifted!I look forward to our next session :)I adore what I do, improve my knowledge only with the best experts, and I am very happy to help you preserve and enhance your natural beauty.



Hi Okcaha, I hope you are well! I just wanted to thank you for the private facial rejuvenation class. It was unbelievably helpful and I look forward to the progress. You are an excellent teacher and are very knowledgable. I hope you see much success with your courses. Your class was classes were invaluable.



I was very pleased with the results! The eyes and jaw line were the first things I noticed as well then the overall skin improvements. I am 60 years old, catch myself clenching my jaw and had a whiplash car injury 23 years ago. Oksana's face reading highlighted the residual effects of all of that. I would recommend a personal consultation for everyone!



I see results, sometimes I take a photo & wonder if it’s my imagination. But I think over time I will see cumulative results. All of my friends have taken the Botox/ filler route. I think it looks good at 1st, then over time artificial & not attractive. I don’t want those ingredients in my body or the risks/side effects

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